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A History of African-American Artists

From 1792 to the Present
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About Us

Hello, my name is Carol Austin, owner and founder of Carol's Art Shows and I started Carol's Art Shows, back in November of 2001 to sell art primarily via home shows to persons desiring to purchase upscale art at affordable prices. Back then I sold art solely for a network marketing company, as an Independent art consultant. I decided to put up a home page as a general information site to support my home based/consultant art show business. Then an interesting thing happened ...

"Black Artists Started Inquiring about
My Services as an Art Dealer with
Expertise in Web Promotion"

I began to get inquires from independent artists, especially black artists, who wanted somewhere to showcase their fine art on-line. They needed a web site where the owners understood the technical, and more importantly the marketing, aspects of promoting their art on the web. Concurrently, the visitors to the site also wanted a place with the convenience and immediacy to order art online. My friends - family - and business mentors also advised me to take the plunge into E-commerce.

"Our Goal is to Market and Showcase
Today's Black Artists with the
Excellence They and You Deserve"

After doing considerable research and gathering the expertise of my business advisors in - Web Advertising - Search Engine Promotion - Net Marketing and On-line Copy-editing, we have re-launched the Carol's Art Shows site for e-commerce powered by Pay Pal. Our goal is to market and showcase today's fine black artists with the excellence they, and You, deserve. We will work dutifully to make our site Your destination when You want to invest in black art with the most bang for Your buck.

We are inspired by You and our other customers. Persons who have overcome the stigma formerly associated with black culture and art forms. When we reclaim our rich legacy of art - music - and culture we are reclaiming the best in ourselves. Perhaps this is why, generations ago, the dominant culture tried to alienate us from the beauty of our culture. Our culture is reflected in African art - African American art and paintings - African weavings (like Kente cloth and Mud Cloth) and Black sculpture. There are a myriad of other ways our culture is expressed. I plan to discover and showcase the richness of our art and cultural traditions. It will be quite a journey finding the best that black art and culture has to offer. I invite You to Take this trip with me, it'll be quite a ride!

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