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"The Lamp, Brown vs Board of Education" by Romare Bearden,
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Bio of ~ ROMARE BEARDEN courtesy of
C.W. Post University the B. Davis Schwartz Library.
Artist and Painter (1914-1988)
Romare Bearden was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, but his early childhood was spent in Harlem, New York. His exposure to living in the big city was later reflected in his artwork. He attended Boston University but later transferred to New York University and graduated in 1935. Because of his mother's prominence as a founder of the Negro Women's Democratic Association, Romare decided to use his talents as a political cartoonist for the BALTIMORE AFRO-AMERICAN while studying with the ART STUDENTS LEAGUE of Baltimore.

As a student, he studied under the world renowned George Grosz, painter and cartoonist. After serving in the U.S. Army, Bearden used his G.I. Bill to study in Paris, France. He became an acquaintance of Matisse and Miro and started to study literature, philosophy, and world art. Bearden, upon his return to the United States, began working as a cartoonist and songwriter.

During the 1960's, he became very socially conscious of the status of African-Americans and the events of the Civil Rights Movement. Romare Bearden took one step forward and decided to take his need to express his artistic talent by using the COLLAGE. It is said that "Bearden's revolutionary use of the COLLAGE led to his recognition as a modern master." His works appeared in major shows at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and he exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, Japan, and the U.S.A. In 1987, he was awarded the NATIONAL METAL OF ARTS by President Ronald Reagan. Before he expired in 1988, Romare co-authored with Harry Henderson, A HISTORY OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN ARTISTS, FROM 1792 TO THE PRESENT, published by Pantheon Books, New York (see exhibit case).



"Carolina Shout" by
Romare Bearden
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"Come Sunday" by
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"" Early Carolina Morning
by Romare Bearden
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"Sheba" by Romare Bearden
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Van Beard
Spirits of Art

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