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~ Bio --> Van Beard, was born in Melrose Park, Ill. He began drawing art at the age of 3 yrs. old. He is a naturally gifted art genius with a stylized photo-realism similar to the great Black painter Henry O Tanner. "Never having the priviledge to take art lessons of any kind, I developed my gift of art by studying and observing people and my surroundings". This has helped him develop his own concept of shading and color schemes.

Van Beard states "This allowed me to truly paint what I see and from my heart". He also reveals "when I paint everything is not always textbook". Van Beard paints what he feels. His objective is to "expose the world to my art, and share the gift that I have been given". I think you will agree God, has given him quite a unique and creative gift.

The Van Beard Collection
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"Mother's Love" by
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The Van Beard Collections
Artist in Residence

The Self Taught Artist with Natural Genius and God Given Talent


The Van Beard Collection

"Bonded" by Van Beard
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Van Beard
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